Flower Hill Promendade, Del Mar Studio:
9a.m. 2-5yrs Level 1

1p.m. 3-7yrs Level 1


10:30a.m. 3-5yrs Level 1/2

9a.m.-12p.m. Weekly Yoga & Art Camp *runs all year long


10:30a.m. 2-5yrs Level 1

3p.m. 2-5yrs Level 1
4p.m. 3-7yrs Beg./Int. 
5:15p.m.  Tween (8-14yrs) Candlelight Under the Stars (star lights).


10:30a.m. 2-5yrs Level 1 

2:45p.m. 3-7yrs Level 1/2
4p.m. Youth 5-8yrs  Beg./Int. Candlelight

9:30a.m.. Tots/Kid & Me All Ages

10:30a.m. 3yrs and Up

10:30a.m.-1:30p.m. Weekly Art & Yoga Camp *runs all year long

4:30p.m. 3-7yrs Level 1/2

5:30p.m. Youth/Tween 7-13yrs

5:30p.m.-8:30p.m. *every 1st Fri. of month Parent's Night Out Camp *5yrs and up only

8:45a.m. Kid & Me All Ages

9:30a.m.- 2-5yrs Level 1
10:45a.m. Youth 5-10yrs
12p.m.-2 Art & Yoga Camp

9:30a.m. 8-13yrs Level 1/2
10:30a.m. 2-5yrs Level 1
12p.m. 3-7yrs Level 1/2

1p.m. Family Yoga Workshops 1st Sun. of month

*All classes are for child only and drop off unless they are specified "Kid & Me"

Liberty Station,Point Loma: 

4p.m. Youth 5-8yrs Level 1

5p.m. Tween Vinyasa Candlelight (9yrs-14yrs)​


10:30a.m. 2-5yrs Level 1

3:30p.m. 3-7yrs Level 1/2

4:30p.m. 2-5yrs Level 1

5:30p.m. Tween Level 1 (8-13yrs) Candlelight Calm

6:30p.m. Youth Level 1 Candlelight Stretch & Flow 


9a.m. 3-7yrs Level 1/2

9a.m.-12 Collaborative Camp w/ Monart & Music (Jan.16-March 13)

10a.m. 2-5yrs Level 1  

4p.m. Youth 7-10yrs

5p.m. Tween 9-14yrs


9:30a.m. Kid & Me

10:30a.m. 2-5yrs

3:30p.m. 3-7yrs Level 1/2

4:30p.m. Youth/Tween (7yrs-10)

5:30p.m. Tween 8-13yrs Candlelight Under the Stars


9a.m. 2-5yrs Level 1

9a.m.-12 Weekly Yoga & Art Camp

10a.m. 3-5yrs Level 1/2

3:30p.m. 3-7yrs Level 1/2 

4:30p.m. 2-5yrs Level 1

Parents Night Out Camp 5:30p.m.-8:30 *every 1st Fri. of month *5yrs and Up

9:30a.m. Youth/Tween (7yrs-10)

10:30a.m. 3-7yrs Level 1/2

10:30a.m.-12:30p.m. Art & Yoga Camp


9:30a.m. Tween 9yrs-14yrs

10:30a.m. 3-7yrs Level 1/2

11:30 2-5yrs

12:30 Family Yoga All Ages *1st Sun of  month only

Aerial Yoga@ Elka Yoga & Wellness

4p.m. Mon

4p.m.  Tues

4p.m. Wed.

4p.m. Thurs.

10:30a.m. Sundays

All our memberships offer aerial yoga in dual membership with Elka Yoga & Wellness!


​​First Time Tips:

If it's your child's first class, contact the studio owner to check availability and reserve your class.  All classes and events require reservation. Email tiffany@ifiwasabirdyoga.com or call 858-775-2913.

Most classes coincide with the adult schedule at CorePower Yoga so parents can practice yoga at the same time. As a courtesy- only for our parents doing CPY at the same time we offer a 10 min. early drop off and some grace minutes for "pick up". You must let your instructor know if you are doing CPY or when booking your class. Early drop off and late pick up is not permitted otherwise.

If the adult class is during busier times than a lot of the parents take their children with them to check in for their adult class, put their yoga mat down and then come back over to the kids studio to drop off child. 

Dress Code/What to Bring:

-Hair must be pulled back, leggings/shorts/sweats (attire your child can move in) *no jeans or pants

-Yoga mat- we have mat rentals for $2 or kids yoga mats to purchase. It is recommended your child have their own yoga mat for health practices

-Water Bottle is required for all classes!

-Please leave toys at home

Feedback, Questions, Concerns!:

You are very important to us and we care about every experience you have in our studios.  Please contact us anytime to share your experiences.

​Reservation is required for our classes and events.  We offer a one time trial class for $20.  

Please email tiffany@ifiwasabirdyoga.com or call 858-775-2913 or sign up online HERE! 

We wouldn't want you to arrive and the class is full or not available. Please reserve ahead of time. Namaste'

*Our studio is a great way to advance your child's yoga practice whether new to yoga or if they have had an introduction in a school program, event or a studio not specialized specifically in yoga for youth. We focus on advancement from beginner to advanced levels in all age ranges. ​​

  • You Are My Sunshine (Pt. 1)2:48
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star2:00
  • Peace Like a River2:57